Activating your Online Registration System
Decide if you wish to Accept Credit Card Payments The first decision you must make before you use Hockey Canada’s Online Registration System is whether ...
Sat, 2020, May 23 11:28 PM
How Online Registration Works
Here, we will summarize the purpose of pre-registrations and Online Registration, explain briefly how it can be configured, what to expect as the final re...
Sat, 2020, May 23 11:28 PM
Accessing and Configuring your Online Registration System
Once Hockey Canada’s Helpdesk has activated your Online Registration System, you are ready to access, setup and enable your MHA’s Online Registration Syst...
Sat, 2020, May 23 11:28 PM
Main Settings for Online Registration
 On your main Online Registration administration page, you will find many settings to configure your Online Registration system and website. Setting...
Sat, 2020, May 23 11:28 PM
Configuring Payment Methods for Online Registration
For information on configuring the available payment methods for Online Registration, please see this article.
Thu, 2020, Jul 23 7:59 AM
Office Waiver for Online Registration
Waivers have moved from Online Registration Administration and are now configured and maintained from the Office Profile. For more information, please see ...
Sat, 2020, May 23 11:28 PM
Global Division Mappings
When registering a participant, one of the most important criteria is the hockey division in which the participant will be registering and playing.  All P...
Sat, 2020, May 23 11:28 PM
Reports and Receipts for Online Registration
The HCR has a number of reports to help manage your registrations. To view the reports, click on the Reports button at the top of the page, then click All...
Sat, 2020, May 23 11:28 PM
Participant Credits
Creating/Editing a Credit To create a new credit or modify an existing one first click on the Orders icon, the select Credits. Once there you...
Sat, 2020, May 23 11:29 PM
Online Registration User Accounts (parents/guardians)
There is a functionality in the HCR that a user with the roles required can view the accounts that parents log in with to register their children. O...
Sat, 2020, May 23 11:29 PM