The main aspect of Online Registration is configuring registration Packages.  

Packages are what the parent will choose to register their kid into hockey.  A parent can only choose ONE Package per participant they are attempting to register.  


The Package will mainly identify:

  • all the required aspects of the Pre-Registration record (Division, Position, etc) that will be added to the participant's profile
  • the fees to charge the parent
  • the questions you need answered to gather additional information on the participant, such as any Tracking Items
  • …and more

The Package also contains numerous settings to further refine the registration process, such as:

Basically, a single Package must identify every aspect of a specific type of registration.

As an example, let's say you have specific fees for Minor Atom Goaltender players that have equipment versus those don't have equipment. You would create 2 separate packages and you would name them appropriately so that the parent knows exactly which one to choose. In this  example, you would name one package "Minor Atom Goaltenders with Equipment" and the other  "Minor Atom Goaltenders without Equipment". You would specify the fees for each, choose a Division Mapping that specifies the Division and Class, the Position, any registration limits for that specific Package, etc.