A Participant Transfer is a movement of a player from one Association to another.

There are 2 main types of Transfers:

  • IBT (InterBranch Transfer) – A movement of a participant from one Branch to another. For example: a participant transferring from Hockey Alberta to BC Hockey.
  • IAT or A2A (Association to Association) – A movement of a participant from one Association to another within the same Branch. For example: a participant transferring from Calgary Minor Hockey Association to Edmonton Minor Hockey Association (both in the Hockey Alberta branch).

IBT Approval Rules

In an IBT, the Associations themselves do not take part in the Transfer Approval process; they only initiate the transfer. Only the Branches (Branch-level users) take part in the approval process. The Branch of the requesting association (participant’s new Branch) is the first to approve the transfer (“Review”) and the participant’s current Branch gives final approval (“Approve”).

Types of Association Transfers (IAT)

There are 3 different types of Association Transfers. 
  • Association to Association (within the same District)
  • District to District (one Association in one District to another Association in a different District, both within the same Region)
  • Region to Region (one Association in one Region to another Association in a different Region)

It is not necessarily important to know the types of Association Transfers, but it’s helpful to know they exist to understand the approval process and rules. In the HCR, you’ll barely notice a difference between the types as it is not important.

However, each type of Association Transfer has their own set of approval rules either defined by the provincial Branch or by a default set of rules. Approval rules determine which level of the Office Tree will first "Review" a transfer, and which will give final approval. “Review” has the same result as “Approve”, but it is not the FINAL approval. There can also be more than one "Review" step for a Transfer or none at all.