Each HCR account has a set of information and preferences that can be set to them. These allow you to personalize certain options to your liking and make it easier to find and identify your account. Some of these are straightforward while others have nuance that is explained below. These can all be accessed and changed by clicking theicon, then User Info and Preferences.

User Information

This section is straightforward and is meant to more easily search and identify users for branches and Hockey Canada. This is your own user information and not of your organization as a whole.

User Preferences

All user preferences are for your username/login/account only and does not affect any other users within your organization.


This lets you change the language across the HCR. Once you have made a change and clicked Save the site should be updated with the new choice for your account.


The season that you select here is the default season that your account will use across the HCR. For example, this preference will select your season automatically in season dropdowns such as when you’re searching for a team/clinic/order, running a report, adding a preregistration to profile, etc. Although it is selected by default in dropdowns, you can still change the dropdown to any season you wish.

What this will not change is the season:

  • that is used for Online Registration on the parents side. This has to be changed in the Online Registration Administration Settings as explained here.
  • on transfers, which is updated after the Spring Congress in May or June. Should you need to create a transfer for the following season, you can go ahead and request the transfer and disregard the season on it. Transfers will be updated at later date to reflect the correct season.
  • used for Travel Permits

Once a new hockey season begins after the Spring Congress, this season setting is set for all users to the new season during the HCR season rollover. However, you can still change this season whenever you want in your preferences.

Note: If this option is greyed out it means that your branch has disabled the ability to change it.

Default Province and Area code

These two defaults refer to what will be entered whenever an address or phone number is needed. In many places in the HCR where a province or area code is required, the default choices that are selected here will automatically be filled in for you to help speed things up.

Note: The area code is not mandatory so if you live in a multi-area code area you can remove what is there so that nothing is entered by default in boxes for phone numbers.

Date Format

In almost all places in the HCR where there is a date, the format that is chosen here will be used.

Note: If this option is greyed out it means that your branch has disabled the ability to change it.

Time Zone

Unless otherwise indicated, in places where time is shown in the HCR, it will be shown in the time zone you select here. Otherwise, if a time zone is not indicated next to a time in the HCR, it is in Mountain Time.

Your time zone preference is not respected in generated reports. Times shown in reports are in Mountain Time.

The time zone is also not respected when you configure any dates that do not include a time component such as on Online Registration packages' availability dates, dates for Online Registration payment schedules, etc.

For example, if you schedule a payment on an order or package for July 1st, then the payment will occur on July 1 after midnight in the Mountain Time zone. If you are in the Eastern Time zone, that means the payment will appear to have been processed on July 1, 2AM EST.

As another example, if you configure an Online Registration package's start date to be July 1, then the package will be available on July 1st at midnight in Mountain Time. Therefore, if you are in the Eastern Time zone, the package will be available starting a on  July 1, 2AM EST.

Time Format Display

This setting allows you to show times in the HCR in either 12h or 24h formats. In most places where the time is shown, the format selected here will be respected.

Note: Your time format preference is not respected in generated reports.