The email address on your account is linked to your HCR login/username only and not your organization as a whole. Meaning that, when you change your email address, you are not affecting anyone else with a different username/login in your organization.

What is this email address used for?

The email address is used to send notices for what you are subscribed to (concerning transfers, teams, online registration, clinic registration, etc.) and for password recovery. To see what you are currently subscribed to, you can go to the Subscriptions to Email Notices under the Options menu (icon).


How to change the email address on your HCR account

You can change your email address at any time by going to the Options menu (icon) and clicking Change Email. For security purposes, you will need to enter your current password before you can change the email address.

Changing email on password expiry

When your password expires, you are asked to enter your Current Password, a New Password, and to Confirm New Password and your Email. You can change the email address here and it will be saved to your account.