Your Office Profile can be found by clicking on the "Admin" menu then clicking on the "Offices" link.


This will open up the Office search and the Hockey Canada Tree Structure.


The office search lets you enter the office name or part of a name to go directly to its profile.

The tree is collapsed by default to the first level, Hockey Canada. To expand the tree to see and access the offices under Hockey Canada, click on the + symbol (circled in red in the earlier image) to the left of the name of the office.

You will only see the office chain of the office(s) to which you have access.

The next level you’ll see is the Branch level, Level 2. You’ll see your provincial Branch name. Keep clicking on the + symbol to expand the tree down to your office’s Level.

Once you see your office name, click on it to open its profile.

You can access the profile of all the Offices in your immediate Office chain, but you may not be able to make changes for all of them. This is useful if you are looking for the contact information of a certain level Office above your own or to verify settings configured at any level.

Your Office profile will open in a new browser window or new browser tab, depending on your browser’s settings.