There are a few reports at your disposal to create Pre-Registration Forms. Some are only for specific Branches or Regions, such as version 3, which is only to be used in British Columbia.

The first one in the list is the most commonly used registration form across Canada.

*All registration forms MUST be exported to PDF, opened in Acrobat, and printed from there.

To generate the forms, specify the Association and/or Division for which you want to generate the forms.

*The Season drop-down menu is NOT the season in which the participants would be registering! It is the season in which they are registered on a team. In other words, if you want to generate forms for the “2014-2015” season, you would select “2013-2014” since that would be the last season they were registered to a team. So in effect, it is telling the report to generate the forms for all participants that are registered to a team in that season.

The Date field is the benchmark date used to calculate the age of the participant at the end of the selected season to determine the participant’s correct Division. 

In other words, if you are generating forms for the “2012-2013” season (with the season dropdown set to the previous season of 2011-2012), you would have to make sure that the date says December 31, 2012 so that you correctly calculate the age of a participant in the 2012-2013 season. It is used to determine the Division into which they fall.

So, if you specify a season and you are generating forms for a specific Division only, make sure your date matches the season; otherwise, you will get participants in the wrong Division in your forms. You can also optionally specify any fees the participant must pay. These fees will show on the form.

All forms will have the participant’s barcode at the top right.

Registration Form (version 7, FOR QUEBEC ONLY)

This version has an extra filter titled “Participant Language”.

  • If the filter is set to “English”, the report will print the forms for English participants only.
  • If the filter is set to “French”, the report will print the forms for French participants only.
  • If the filter is set to “Participant’s Language”, the report will print the forms in the language of that participant as configured on the Participant’s profile.