This report allows you to extract a list of participants based on the criteria and filters that you provide. There are numerous filters and settings that allow you to specify and filter exactly what you want and don’t want in the report.

Once on the report page, the first selection is to choose what report type to generate. There are 3 options:

  • Tabular (Excel listing)
  • Mailing Labels (Avery 5160)
  • Barcode Labels

*To print Mailing Labels and Barcode Labels correctly, you MUST open them in Adobe Acrobat, click on File > Print, and make sure to set "Page Scaling" to None. Otherwise, the end result may not be easily scanned, or print in the correct dimensions.

The Tabular (Excel listing) option will generate an Excel spreadsheet 

The Mailing Labels (Avery 5160) option allows you to generate mailing labels in the Avery 5160 label type.

The Barcode Labels option will generate Avery 5160 labels, but will only include the participant's name, team name (if they are on one), and a barcode, as shown below.

Participant Office

This is the office of the participant. This will tell the report to give you only participants that are primary or shared to that office. You can select an office at any level (MHA, district, region, or branch) and it will give you all participants that fall under that office level.

For example, if you are an HCR user at a Region level in which you have multiple Districts under you, you can select your Region office, a specific District or even a specific association from which you want to pull the participants. That would be telling it, “Only give participants in this Office.”

Next, you may select to filter by Participant Name or Hockey ID. To do so, simply check off the box below the office selection and you may input 1 hockey ID, or the First and Last names. This feature is handy if you're interested in only seeing information in a report regarding one participant.

Below that, you can choose to enter a particular Date of Birth, a Range of dates of birth, or keep it at None as the default, to see all participants with no date of birth constraints. Finally, below that, you may select to filter by Gender and Order By Last Name, Date of Birth, Postal code, or Team.

Hockey Status Filters

Before running the report, you may select 1 or more filters from 4 filter types to show you only a certain types of information.

It is important to note that regardless of the filters you choose here, a participant will always only appear once in the report, hence "Participant List' report. It is a list of participants, not a list of preregistrations or list of team registrations or a list of qualifications. For example, if you choose the preregistration filter, the preregistered participant will only appear once in the report regardless that he may be preregistered more than once.

Show ONLY participants on teams

Allows you to select the season, division, category, position, and type and will only show you participants rostered to teams from within those selections from any office, regardless of your office selection under "Participant Office".

For example, assume a participant is primary to Smallville MHA and shared to your association (the office you chose under "Participant Office"), if the participant is on a team in Smallville MHA and you choose this filter, they will appear in your report even though they are not on one of your teams in your association. This is because they are a participant of your office, they are on a team, and so they will appear in the report with this filter.

If you would like only participants that are on one of your association's teams, consider using the "Active Participants List" report instead.

Show ONLY participants that are Pre-Registered

Allows you to select the preregistered season, division, class, category, group, and position, and like the team filter, it will only show you participants pre-registered in any office, regardless of your office selection under "Participant Office". As long as the participant falls under the Participant Office you selected and they are preregistered anywhere, they will appear in the report.

If you would like only participants that are preregistered in your office, consider using the Preregistration report instead.

Show ONLY Officials

This will filter the report to show you only participants that have an official record on their profile. This is not based on their qualification, but their Official Designation. The filters include season, type, and level, and will show you participants that have an Official Record/Designation in any office, regardless of your office selection under "Participant Office".

If you would like only participants that have an official record in your office, consider using the Officials report. Or, if you would like only participants that have an official qualification, consider using the Qualification filter, or consider using the Qualification report instead.

Show ONLY participants with the following Qualification

This will show you participants with a qualification and level that you chose.

*For team and preregistration filters, the information generated due to these filters will only show you the latest preregistration or team information. To show previous year's team information, see the Participant Information section at the bottom of the page.

Tracking Items

If you want to include a certain Tracking Item (up to a maximum of 8) in the report in a new column, you would put a checkmark in the Check to display the following in Report checkbox and select the Tracking Type in the first drop-down menu.  

The page will show you that Tracking Item’s criteria. In this instance, it is NOT a filter, it is an inclusion (it will be included as columns in the report) whether a participant has that Tracking Item or not. The columns will contain the tracking item information if they have it.

If you further specify a certain Tracking Item’s subtype, such as “Admin Position”, you are then making it a Filter. It will show you only participants that have a Tracking Item with that subtype and include that information in the report.

Participant Information

At the bottom of the Participant List Report page, you’ll notice a list of information that you can decide to include in the report as a new column. Simply place a checkmark next to each item that you want to show in the report.

You may notice that the participant’s name, date of birth, gender, language, and Hockey ID are missing from this list. These are always included in the report (except for mailing labels or barcode labels) and so you do not need to tell it to include this information.

When you are done with setting up your filters, options, and inclusions, click on the Submit button at the bottom of the page. The report may take a long time depending on the amount of participants it is pulling. Please be patient!