Reports allow you to get the data you need out of the HCR and onto paper or in a file to save or manipulate data. When you click on the Reports button, you will see a list of your favourite reports, and the All Reports option.

If you don't have any Favourites yet, click on All Reports to be brought to the list of all available reports. From there, you can hover over a report with your mouse and click the star icon to the left of the report name to favourite it.

*You can also click on the star of a favourited report to un-favourite it.

Once you have Favourites, you will see them populate your favourite reports list when you click the reports button at the top of the page.

While viewing your favourite reports, you can also hover your mouse over a report and a small trash can icon will appear to the left of it. Clicking the trash can will remove that report from your favourites.

When hovering over a report, you will also find a blue icon on the far right which if clicked on will show you a brief description.

You will also find reports in other areas of the HCR, such as a Team Profile. On a Team Profile, there are few reports you can run directly from the profile's menu to get a Team Sheet or Roster printed out, for that specific team that you have open, for example.

When you open a report page, you are presented with some options and filters. These work somewhat in the same fashion as the Participant Search or Team Search Advanced search options. You tell it exactly what type of data you want included in the Report.

After you have selected the filters and options, click on the “View Report” or “Submit” button. This will run the report with the options and filters you have selected. A “Download Report” link might appear below the “View Report” or “Submit” button or the report will download automatically for you.