To edit a participant's attendance to a clinic, simply click on the participant's entry in the "Attendee(s)" section under the "Attendees" tab.

To add participants to the clinic as attendees, click on the "Add" button in the "Attendees" header of the "Attendees" tab, as shown below.

This will bring you to a participant search screen (see solution Advanced Participant Search for more details), as shown below. Enter the participant's Hockey ID or their First and Last names and click on "Search".

Just like adding an Instructor click on the name of the person to start adding them to the clinic.

This will bring you to the "Edit Attendee" screen. Fill in or modify the required info. If the Qualification for this clinic will expire in the future, make sure you change the Expiration Date. If it does not expire, make sure to check the "NA" box for the Expiration Date.

Click on one of the Add buttons at the bottom of the screen. The participant is now an attendee of this Clinic.