Official Clinics require more configuration than other types of clinics since it gives a participant an Official Qualification AND an Official Record. The Official Record defines the Office in which the participant is officiating in a season and the type of official (referee, linesman). It also contains additional info such as Exam marks, Fitness Test results, and Official Development forms. An Official Record should only be added for on-ice officials and not for scorekeepers or timekeepers.

To properly configure an Official Clinic, you must configure the settings related to the Official Record. Although the clinic type (Official Level 1, Official Level 2-3, etc.) already defines the official level(s) for the actual qualification, you must also define them for the Official Record.

  1. On the Clinic Profile of an Official Clinic, click on the Administration tab.The Official Record Settings section will appear as the first section and only if the clinic is an on-ice official clinic. It will not appear for scorekeeper clinics or timekeeper clinics.
  2. Click "Edit" to configure the settings

  3. Select the applicable Levels for the Clinic, and for each level, select if you would like the Official Record to be added upon signup. In this example, it is a hybrid Official Level 2 and 3 clinic, so we'd select Levels 2 and 3. If you have not defined any levels here, it will not appear as an option to the user in eHockey nor will it appear automatically to the HCR user adding them to the clinic.

  4. Select the Offices (associations) that will be available for selection in eHockey for the participant's Official Record. If you do not define any Offices here, the participant's Official Record will be assigned to the participant's Primary Association when signing up through eHockey.

  5. Click "Save" at the bottom of the page to save your settings.