To create a clinic, click on Clinics in the Main Menu then click on “Create a New Clinic” under Tasks.

To modify an existing one, simply click on “Edit Clinic” from the clinic profile.

The next page will present you a large list of clinic information that can bet set up. Without going into detail of every field, here’s what the important ones do:

  • The Office dropdown is where you select the office hosting the clinic.
  • Season refers to the season in which the clinic takes place and does NOT affect the expiration date of the qualification
  • Qualification and Level determine the qualification an attendee will receive once they are passed/certified.
  • The Certified checkbox can be checked if the clinic will grant a certification once completed
  • The Expiration Date allows you to specify when the qualification will expire. If the qualification never expires, select the "N/A" checkbox.
  • The Session Information section allows you to enter the Location and the Contact Information for where the clinic will take place and whom to contact for further information or details, the Schedule for the start and end dates and start and end times, and lastly, any Additional Information related to the session.
  • Lastly, enter information regarding any Pre-Task and/or Post-Task information.

For further information regarding the eHockey settings on this same page, please refer to the eHockey Availability solution.