To search for clinics, click on “Clinics” at the top and you’ll have two options:  

  • Search by “Clinic ID”  if you know the exact clinic you are looking for
  • Click Advanced Search to search with filters like category, qualification, level and/or season

If you use the search box and there is a matching result to the ID you entered, the clinic will open automatically once you’ve clicked the search button. If there isn’t you will be shown the advanced search page so you can try again with a different ID or use the filters to locate the clinic you are looking for.

Like a participant's Hockey ID or a Team ID, the Clinic ID is a number that uniquely identifies that Clinic.

In the Office Selection area, you can select an office at any level. An Office can be an Association, District/Zone, Region, and even a Branch.

You can also filter your search result by specifying a Clinic's start date using the "From" and "To" field in the Clinic Date filter. You can either specify an exact starting date for a clinic or retrieve clinics that have a starting date within a date range that you can specify.

If you do not wish to enter a Clinic Date, simply leave the boxes empty.

Once you have specified all desired filters for your search click the "Search" button. Your search results will then appear at the bottom of the Clinic Search screen. In order to access one of the clinics from the search results, simply click on it.