To find an order for a particular participant, you must first find and open the profile of the participant in question. Click on the Participants icon at the top of the HCR to use the quick search function or the advanced search.

For more information on finding participants, please see the Searching for Participants help article.

From the Transactions Tab

On the participant profile, click on the Transactions tab. A list of orders will appear.

From there you may click Open to the far right to open and view the order.

Orders will only appear on a participant's Transactions tab if any of the participant's existing pre-registrations (see their Pre-Registrations tab) are order items on orders. If the order item for their pre-registration has been deleted from the order or their pre-registration has been deleted from their profile (no longer pre-registered), then those orders will not appear on their Transactions tab.

From the Pre-Registrations Tab

If the participant is still pre-registered, you can also access the related order by opening that pre-registration from the Pre-Registrations tab. At the bottom of the page, you will see a section that shows the related order and you can open it from there.

If an order does NOT appear in that section, then the pre-registration is not linked to any order. This happens when the related Order Item is deleted from the order.

Finding an Order when the Participant's Pre-registration is Deleted

When a participant's pre-registration is deleted (participant is no longer pre-registered), the order will no longer be linked to that participant’s pre-registration or their profile and you will not find the order on their Transactions tab. The order and the pre-registration order item will still exist, but you will need to find the order by invoice # or payer name by using the order quick search or advanced search functions, as described in this help article – Searching for Orders, or using one of the many reports for orders.

How to Tell If a Participant's Pre-Registration is Still Linked to an Order

This is what the Items section of an order will look like when the pre-registration is still linked to the order. The order item will have Open Participant and Open Pre-Registration buttons.

Here is the Items section when the pre-registration has been deleted, and no longer accessible from the participant profile.

Notice that the Open Participant and Open Pre-Registration buttons are gone, but the Add Fees and Delete buttons still appear. This means that the pre-registration was deleted from the participant's profile, so that order item is no longer linked to the participant.