An HCR user may issue receipts to parents in multiple ways.

From an Order

The summary bar is found at the bottom of every order. Within it you can see fees, taxes, payments, refunds, and the order balance, as well as a button to the far right that is used to issue a receipt.

Once you click to issue a receipt, a small window will pop-up in the middle of your screen allowing you to chose whether to download a PDF of the receipt, or email it to the email address configured on the invoice.

Downloading a receipt

If you select to download the receipt, a PDF version will be made available to you. This will allow you to either print it, or mail it should there be a need.

Emailing a single receipt

By selecting the email option, you will notice that a field comes up with the current payer's email address configured in the "Billed to" section of the order. You can also change the address you would like to send the receipt to. The receipt will be attached to the email in PDF format.

*The email address in the "Billed to" section of the order cannot be change using this method. Please see Creating a New Order solution for help with making changes to the "Billed to" section of an order.