The Order page in the HCR allows you to process a credit card with your payment provider only if you use credit cards for your Online Registration system for parents.

To charge a credit card to pay a balance on a particular order:

  1. Open the order, or create a new one.
  2. Click on "Add" next to "Payments"
  3. Select "Credit Card". Be careful! DO NOT select "Credit Card (Bypass Payment Provider)" as this bypasses your payment provider completely.
  4. Select the current date as the date of the payment.*
  5. Click "Add".  

If this is the first credit card payment on the order, you will be redirected to your payment provider's website to process the payment. Once completed, you will be redirected back to the order page.

If this is not the first credit card payment on the order, it is automatically processed without being redirected. Please be patient as it communicates with your provider to process the payment. A loading animation appears. Do not close your browser or tab. Once completed successfully, the loading animation and the payment dialog will close and you will see the credit card payment on the order with a status of "Successful".

You can verify the transaction by logging in to your payment provider's console.

*If you want to schedule an automatic credit card payment, select a date in the future.  See Scheduling Automatic Credit Card Payments for more information.