Payments can be scheduled directly on an order in the HCR so that a credit card can be charged automatically on specified dates using your payment provider, such as QuickEnrollment or Paysafe by NETBANX.  Multiple scheduled payments can be added on a single order, allowing you to manually create an automatic staggered payment schedule to pay off the balance of the order. 

*When applying post-dated payments, there will be a $0.00 payment, as shown above, to authorize the payments you wish to create. Once the first post-dated payment is created, you will no longer need to enter the credit card information for the next payments you schedule.

These can also be configured on each separate Online Registration package as Payment Schedules so that when a parent chooses to use a credit card to pay, they can select an already configured payment schedule rather than paying in full immediately. This schedule translates to post-dated credit card payments on the order that will automatically process on the specified dates.  More about Payment Schedules for Online Registration can be found here.

Scheduled or post-dated credit card payments for which funds have not been received appear with a status of "Pending" on an order, and the cancel option will be visible. Once the payment completes and it is successful, the status of the payment will change to "Successful".

*This only applies to credit card payments configured with a payment provider. Any other pending payments configured to other payment methods (cash, money order, cheque etc.) must be manually changed from Pending to Successful by clicking the "Payment has been received" checkbox by clicking the edit button to the right of the payment.

Adding a scheduled credit card payment

To add a scheduled credit card payment to an order, ensure that a credit card number has already been used on this order, or that you have the credit card information in hand if this is the absolute first credit card payment being scheduled on the order. Click "Add" in the Payments section of the order and a pop-up will appear.

Choose Credit Card as the payment method, then select a date in the future. The amount can be anything up to the balance of the order.

If it is the first credit card transaction on the order, you will be redirected to your payment provider's website to process the credit card payment to happen on the specified date.  If a credit card payment was already processed on that order, the payment scheduling at your payment provider will happen automatically without getting redirected to your payment provider's website.  Once the transaction completes at your payment provider, you will be redirected back to the order page.

*Please DO NOT choose "Credit Card (Bypass Payment Provider)". This payment method is if you have accepted a credit card payment outside of a payment provider, such as on a point-of-sale machine in person within your office or otherwise. "Credit Card (Bypass Payment Provider)" payments configured in the HCR will NEVER charge the credit card.