Post-dated payments, such as cheques, can also be added to an order.  Any payment that is added to an order with a date in the future will have a "Pending" status, and a "Cancel" option.

*Any cheque, money order, or cash payments with a "Pending" status do NOT get calculated against the balance of orders until they are changed to a status of "Successful" and it WILL NOT automatically change to "Successful" on the specified date.

Once you have received the funds for that post-dated payment, edit the payment and select "Payment has been received" to change its status to "Successful" so that it is counted against the balance of the order and appears as a completed payment on the receipt, as well as reports.


Checking this box will change the status of the payment from 'Pending' to 'Successful'. If it is a Credit Card payment dated in the future, any changes will NOT be communicated to your payment provider. It will bypass your payment provider and the charge will still go through on the credit card as scheduled.