To manually create a new order in the HCR, click on "Orders" from the main HCR menu. This button looks like a large dollar sign. Under the Tasks column, click on "Create a New Order."

A pop up will appear that requires you to fill out the payer information. Complete all sections of the payer information, including email address, if applicable, for ease of sending receipts electronically in the future.

*The Comments section is optional. We suggest you use it if there are any special circumstances that need to be outlined on the order. 

Adding Item, Fees, and Payments

Once you complete the payer information and click Create, you will then be taken to the Order page for your new order where you can add participant, fee and payment information.

Firstly, to add an order item, click on Add in the Items section of the order. This will allow you to add a participant preregistration to the order items list. Secondly, you may click Add Fees to add any fees that you have associated to your office. A list will pop up allowing you to pick through any fees you have available.

When an order item appears in the Items section and fees have been added to the order item, you are now able to add a payment against the balance of the order. To do so, click on Add in the Payments section of the order. This will allow you to add payments of any type you have available in the HCR. 

For more information on adding payments of different types to an order, see Adding a Payment to an Order.

*Payment types are made available in either the HCR or Online registration, or both. For more information, see the Payment Methods solution.

Payer Information

The "Billed To" section allows you to enter payer information.  This should be the person paying for the order and not the participant.  The payer information will appear on receipts.

The email address is not required, but you may be limited in functionality. The email address is required to:
  • process credit card payments with your payment provider using the HCR
  • send receipts in mass using the Orders > Receipts by Email feature 
  • send an individual receipt from the order page
  • notify the payer of problems processing any scheduled credit card payments, such as when their card expires before the payment can be processed, and allow them to fix it

Order Information

The "Order Information" allows you to specify:
  • which office the order belongs to
  • the season
  • the date of the order
  • comments about the order

If the order is for one or more preregistrations, you will only be able to add preregistrations that are in the same office and season as the order.