When manually preregistering a participant in the HCR, you won't immediately be given the option of creating a new order for that preregistration. You first want to click "Create" at which point you should see two new sections:

If your office uses Online Registration you'll want to select a package and division mapping (if you haven't done so already) before creating an order. These ensure that not only are your division limits are respected but that mandatory fees will be added when you create the order. Once you've selected something for both click the Create button.

If you don't use Online Registration in your association simply click the Create button.

This functions the same way as when you manually add a preregistration to an existing order, such as one already created for a sibling and the same payer. *

A new window should appear with the "Billed to" address and email address automatically filled with the participant's information. Change this information if the payer's information is different than the participant's. You will need to supply the payer's name.

The email address field is not required, but an email address will need to be provided on the order if you want to process credit cards with your payment provider using the HCR.

If you have selected an online registration package for the preregistration, when you click on "Create" to create the new order, all the mandatory fees configured on that package will automatically be added to the order item for you.  

You are then taken to the newly created order where you will see the preregistration as an order item with any related package fees.

Once the order is created for that preregistration, the order will appear on the preregistration record under "Orders" for easy access.

*If you wish to use an existing order, DO NOT click the "Create" button beside Orders.  Rather:

  1. open an existing order, such as one for a sibling with the same payer
  2. click on "Add" next to "Order Items"
  3. select the type "Preregistration"
  4. search for and add the pre-registration you created