Click on the Orders button to find 2 different search features.

Quick Search

The first is the quick search feature. Here, you can type in the invoice number (ex. 1234567) to bring up any invoice for the current season or past seasons. When typing in the invoice number, simply enter the numbers and hit enter or click the search button.

In that same field, you may enter the payer name/billed-to name, which is normally the parent or guardian. When searching by payer name, you may type in the name in the same format that you would when searching for participants - by last name first, separated with a comma, and followed by the first name (ex. Smith, John) and a list of suggestions will appear that you may choose from, or you can click the search button.

Advanced Search

To perform an advanced search, click on the Orders button, then find the Advanced Search option below the Quick Search field.

You may then enter the payer information, such as last name, first name, or again, the invoice number, as well as the office, order date (to and from) and the season. Click Search once you’ve entered the criteria you’d like to search against.

Once your search provides you with results, you may click open to the far right.