Within Questionnaires, you may create a Tracking Item question. The response to the question will be stored on the participant profile in the Tracking Item you choose.

Creating a New Tracking Item Question

A Tracking Item is seasonal, and has two parts for every Tracking Item type:

  • dropdown menu for the Tracking Item's subtype, where the data it contains depends on the selected Tracking Item type
  • a text box to store data

When configuring a new tracking item question, you will need to define how each of those parts is supplied by the responder.

For example, if you choose "Birth Certificate" as the Tracking Item type, its subtype are provinces of birth, so the dropdown will contain a list of provinces. Selecting a different Tracking Item type would result in different values for its subtype.

The question configuration allows you to specify whether the parent will choose a value from that dropdown (User selects) or whether you want to always store the Tracking Item with a predefined subtype (Predefined).

Dropdown Configuration

User Selects: Choose this option if you want the responder to choose a value for the Tracking Item's subtype. The prompt text is optional. As an example, if the Tracking Item is Birth Certificate, then the dropdown is for the province of birth and so you may want the Prompt Text to display "Select the province of birth" rather than just "Province."

Predefined: Choose this option and a value in the dropdown menu if you want all responses to this question to always store as that value. The Tracking Item subtype (dropdown) will NOT appear to the responder when choosing this option. As an example, if your question is "Please enter this participant's Alberta Health Card number", you would always want the Tracking Item subtype to be "AB" for Alberta, and not let the parent choose anything different. So you would select "Predefined" and then select "Alberta" in the dropdown. When choosing this option, the second part of the Tracking Item (the text box) will always be required.

Text Box Configuration

Choose "Prompt user to type in a response" to allow the responder to supply the text box part of the Tracking Item. For example, if the tracking item is Birth Certificate, the Text Box would most likely be used to store the Birth Certificate number. 

Prompting the user to type in a response in the text box is optional only if "User selects" is selected in the dropdown configuration. Otherwise, the user must supply an answer in the text box and the "Prompt user to type in a response" checkbox will be selected and disabled, as shown below. 

In our example, the prompt text for the text box might be "Enter the Participant's Birth Certificate number."