There are various question types you can use to configure the way a responder will answer questions within a questionnaire. To view how the question of a particular type will appear to the responder, click on the preview icon (a small eye) while creating or editing the question to see a preview.

When you click on the preview icon, a dialog will appear with a description of the question type and an example of the question type you have chosen as it would appear to the responder. 

Here is an example of the preview for a multiple choice question:

Question Types

Text Box: Allows the responder to type their answer in a single-line text box.

Multiline Text Box: Allows the responder to type their answer in a multiline text box (paragraph).

Tracking Item: Allows the responder to answer a question for the purpose of storing their answer as a Tracking Item on the participant profile. For more information on Tracking Item related questions and choices, please see this help article - Tracking Item Questions

Choice Questions

Choice Questions are questions that may be answered by selecting one or multiple choices. There are 3 main types of Choice Questions.

Dropdown: Allows the responder to choose a single option from a list in a dropdown menu.

*Only one option may be chosen with this question type.

Option Button: Allows the responder to select a single choice in a list of radio buttons.
*Only one option may be chosen with this question type.

Multiple Choice: Allows the responder to select multiple choices in a list of checkboxes.

Sorting Choices

Choices appear to the user in the same order as you see in your list of choices. Similarly to re-ordering questions themselves, choices can be re-ordered by hovering your mouse over a choice and using the drag-handle that appears on the left side to drag and drop it in the order of your choice.

Here is a question showing choices in the order they were created.

Here is a question with the first choice being moved from the first position to the second position. You will notice an indicator (pointed out by a red arrow in the image below) showing the new position of the choice when you let go of the drag handle.