A template question is a question you create that you can re-use in multiple questionnaires. This saves you from having to recreate the same question for every questionnaire. They can be created while creating a new question on a questionnaire by clicking Create New Question or in the Template Questions tab.

Within the Template Questions tab are your pre-configured questions. To create a new template question from here, click the Add button.

Creating a Template Question from within a Questionnaire

While configuring a Questionnaire, you may create a new question and choose to save it as a new Template Question. To do this, click the checkbox prior to clicking Save when creating a new question, or while editing a question that is already a part of a questionnaire.

*The same checkbox will appear when creating a new question, or editing an existing question that is already added to a Questionnaire.

*Settings are not configured on Template Questions themselves. The settings can only be configured on questions within a questionnaire.

Adding Template Questions to a Questionnaire

While you are configuring a Questionnaire, you will have to option to create a new question or add existing questions from your template questions. To add one or more questions from your template questions, click on Add from Templates.

A pop-up window will appear with template questions that you have previously created, allowing you to select and add more than one template question at a time.

Modifying a Template Question

You can edit a template question title, question type, and choice options. Question settings such as making the question mandatory, or showing the question to all participants, new participants, or existing participants can only be configured while the question is part of a Questionnaire. To modify a Template Question, click on the edit button to the far right of any Template Question.

*Modifying a Template Question will not modify ones that have already been added to questionnaires. This means that if you modify a template question that has been previously added to a Questionnaire, it will not change on the Questionnaire. If you want these new modifications to be reflected on existing Questionnaires, you must remove the old question from the Questionnaire and re-add it with the newly modified Template Question.