What is an HCR Waiver?

An HCR Waiver is a legal binding document that may be configured at any office level. These waivers can be responded to by participants and parents/guardians upon registering participants to hockey using Online Registration. In the future, these same waivers will be used in eHockey.

*Waivers MUST only contain legal wording and must NOT include any kind of directions or instructions specific to the Online Registration process.

How to Access HCR Waivers

From your office profile, click on the small Menu button at the top right of the page.

This will bring you to the Waivers Administration page where you may create and configure your waivers.

Creating an HCR Waiver

To create a new waiver, click Add.

You will then be brought to the waiver page. You’ll find two tabs to allow you to enter the waiver in both official languages where you can enter:

  1. A revision number
  2. A waiver title
  3. Text for your waiver
  4. Response text
  5. Response checkbox settings


Similar to a version number, this is text that you supply that uniquely identifies the version of the waiver's legal text wording. This Revision should be changed every time the waiver's legal text wording changes (the waiver text field) and should match with revisions on any printed materials containing this same waiver's wording.

It is up to you to configure different revision numbers. We recommend you keep it as simple as possible. Here are some examples:

  • 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 etc…
  • 1a, 1b, 1c, 2a, 2b, etc…
  • 1, 2, 3 etc…

For example, if you accept paper registrations which includes a signed waiver and you want to enter it in the HCR, you will want to make sure that the HCR waiver revision you add to the participant matches with the paper version. Your paper version should also include a revision number that matches with one in the HCR. This way, if a parent answers Revision 1.2a, but your most current revision is 1.3b in the HCR, you need to be able to record the response as 1.2a and not 1.3b. The HCR will allow you to choose for which waiver revision they responded to.

Waiver Title

Here, you may input the title of your waiver. There is no need to include your organization name in your title since it will appear automatically for the user. This title should strictly be as simple as “Privacy Policy” as shown in the screenshot below, or these examples:

  • Code of Conduct
  • Privacy Policy
  • Club Agreement
  • Consent and Release

Do not include wording such as “IMPORTANT!!!” or “Please read” or “Read carefully” in your title. Again, since this is a legally binding document, we recommend you name it appropriately.

Waiver Text

Here is where you add the legal wording of your waiver/agreement. You can format it as you wish with this editor. Click the "Preview" icon (eye) in the editor's toolbar to visualize what your waiver text will look like.

If your legal wording here changes, you must update your Revision. The HCR will NOT prompt you to change the Revision. Only change the Revision when wording changes occur, not formatting changes such as bold text, italics, headers, colour, etc.

Waiver Response Text

This is the text that appears next to the checkbox. Again, we recommend that you keep is as simple as possible. Examples are: "I agree", "I accept", "I agree to receive such information", etc.

Modifying HCR Waivers and Revisions

If you make any changes to the text of the waiver, upon clicking save, you will be prompted to enter a Change Confirmation. This is to add a description to explain the change(s) you’ve made.

Response checkbox Settings

These settings determine how to handle the response checkbox.

*Be mindful of opt-in regulations in your area (ie. provincial law)


Checked by Default: The checkbox will automatically be checked and the user may uncheck it if it is not required. Be careful! Having “I agree” as response text AND the checkbox checked by default means that the user must uncheck the box to OPT-OUT.

Checkbox is Required: The checkbox MUST be checked in order to complete the registration process.

Once you have added a revision number, title, text, response text, and set the checkbox settings, you may click Add to add that waiver to your list of waivers.

Activating Waivers

Once a waiver is saved, it will appear as inactive. You must click on the switching toggle it from Inactive to Active.

Once it appears green and the toggle shows Active, it will appear during the Online registration process.

During Online Registration

When parents or guardians register participants in Online Registration, near the end of the process, they will be prompted to respond to any and all waivers in your organization’s office chain, such as ones for your organization and your member branch, and including Hockey Canada’s waivers. They are required to respond to these waivers for every participant they register, even in the same cart.

Once they click Next, the next page is the review page where a Waiver Summary appears for review before the checkout phase. The parent/guardian can see the office, waiver title, response text, and the response in capital letters.

They can then checkout or add more participants to the cart as normal.