CRCs can be used as a requirement (or prerequisite) to sign up for clinics online through eHockey. They define rules that the participant must pass to be able to sign up for a clinic. There are 2 types of Clinic Prerequisites: Qualifications and CRCs. Similar to requiring a certain Qualification to be able to sign up for a clinic in eHockey, a CRC prerequisite requires that a participant's CRC is valid to sign up for a clinic in eHockey.

Creating a CRC Prerequisite

To use prerequisites in Clinics, you must create them first. Once a prerequisite is created, it can be used in as many clinics as you wish. To create them or to find and edit existing ones, click the Clinics icon at the top of the HCR, then select Clinic Prerequisites. This option will only appear if you have the appropriate access rights.

The "Prerequisite Search" page appears where you can search for and edit existing prerequisites, or create new ones. 

Click on the "Create a New Prerequisite" button. From there, follow these steps:
  1. Select the office of the prerequisite. This office determines which offices can use the prerequisite based on the user's access rights.
  2. Specify a Description in both official languages. This description appears in eHockey to the user attempting to sign up when viewing the details of the clinic. This tells them the particular requirements to the clinic that this prerequisite enforces.
  3. Specify an error message you would like to be generated if the prerequisite is not met. This is shown to the user when the selected participant does not pass the requirement that this prerequisite defines. For example, "This participant has a missing or expired CRC."
  4. Select CRC/VSC
  5. Select the date on which the participant's CRC must be valid. You can specify that they must be valid on the day they are signing up to the clinic. Or you can specify that they must be valid by the clinic's "Start Date". For that option, that date will depend on the clinic for which they are signing up. Or you can specify a custom date that they must be valid.
  6. Click Add.

Once you've added the prerequisite, it will be made available to be configured on clinics.

Configuring Clinics with Prerequisites

On the Clinic Profile page of the clinic in question, click on the Administration tab and click the Edit button in the Prerequisites section.


This will bring you to the "Add a Prerequisite" page where you will find existing Qualification and Criminal Record Check/Vulnerable Sector Check prerequisites. If none show here, you will need to create them first before you can use them on clinics. 

Select one or more prerequisites and click save at the bottom of the page.


For more information about prerequisites, please see the Clinic Prerequisites article.