You will find the CRC tab on the left side pane from the participant profile.

Adding a CRC to a Participant

Click Add from the CRC tab on the participant profile. 

CRC Office

From there, you must select the office in which the physical CRC documents and receipts will be kept and stored. 

The office you select here has no effect on the validity or expiration of the CRC. The office is only an indication of where physical documents and receipts are held and of who physically manages CRCs for participants under them. 
  • Only the office that manages and stores physical CRC records in their organization should add CRCs for participants. Only that office can edit or delete CRCs. 
  • You cannot add CRCs on behalf of other offices where you do not have physical access to CRC documents. 
  • The participant's CRC office does not have to match with the participant's office(s), primary or otherwise. 

For example, if the participant is in Smallville MHA, but Smallville MHA's District office handles getting CRCs on participants and receives the documents, the CRC office would be that of the District, and not Smallville MHA.

  1. Select the Office in which the physical CRC/VSC documents and receipts will be kept and stored.
  2. Choose the Type (CRC, VSC, or Declaration)
  3. Choose an Issue Date. This date is used to calculate the expiry date based on the validating office's screening policy set on the office profile page. See the  CRC Screening Policy Settings solution for more information.
  4. Select a Status for this CRC entry. These statuses are strictly for your tracking purposes only. This status does not affect a CRC's validity. For example, a 'Pending' or 'Pending (Receipt received)' CRC will still be considered a valid CRC as long as it hasn't expired.

Click Add to add a CRC entry once you've made your selections.


Once the CRC entry is created and added, it will be visible from the CRC tab on the participant profile. 

For each entry, you will see:
  • Type (CRC/VSC/Declaration)
  • Status (Pending, Pending (with receipt), Complete)
  • Issue Date
  • Expiry dates for each office the participant belongs to are based on those office's requirements
  • The office where the CRC documents are held
  • Created by/Last updated by section


Editing or Deleting a CRC

If you have the appropriate access rights, you will have Edit and Delete buttons beside each record that was entered in your office, as shown below. You may ONLY edit or delete CRCs within your office regardless of the participant's office(s). For example, if you are SMALLVILLE MHA and a participant has a CRC with ACME MHA, you cannot modify or delete ACME's CRC even though the participant is in SMALLVILLE MHA. A CRC or VSC obtained in any province is valid anywhere in Canada and moves with the participant. So ACME MHA's CRC is valid in SMALLVILLE MHA as long as it isn't expired.


Clicking the Edit button will bring up the same pop-up type window that appears when initially creating a CRC/VSC, where you can edit the Office, Type, Issue Date, and Status.

Clicking the Delete button will prompt you to confirm the deletion. Click OK or Cancel.