Viewing and Configuring Screening Policy Settings

As a user with appropriate CRC administrative rights, you can configure the screening policy for CRC/VSC/Declarations on an Office profile. You'll find these settings on the "Miscellaneous" tab of the profile. If you do not have administrative rights for the office, you can still view these settings.

From there, you can configure the expiration frequency for CRCs and VSCs, if a Declaration is required, and at what frequency. Read Understanding CRC Expirations for more information on how expirations work within the HCR.

*A declaration can always be added to a participant's profile regardless of the setting here. However, if you'd like to make the declaration mandatory, select "Require a Declaration" and specify its frequency.

*With the checkbox checked to "Override inherited screening policy", the screening policy from the parent office (office above the current one you are configuring) is ignored.

The blue information box will indicate from which office the current one is inheriting or overriding.

Clearing Overrides on Child Offices

This button can be used to clear any overrides of inherited screening policies at any levels below the one currently being configured. A dialog will appear to allow you to choose which offices below the current one you want to clear.

Here is an example if you're configuring the screening policy at a district level:
  1. Click the Clear Overrides on Child Offices button
  2. The dialog will list any overrides configured on MHA-level offices below it. Select the one(s) you want to clear so that they begin using the screening policy you have configured on the current office.
  3. Click Clear.

Expiration Rules

When selecting an expiry frequency for CRC/VSC/Declarations, you are selecting in how many years they will expire based on their Issue Date. Click on the drop down to select a number of years. If a Declaration is required, check the Declaration box, and click in the drop-down menu to select a number of years.

*Hockey Canada has a default screening policy of requiring a CRC/VSC every 3 years and no declaration required. All branches inherit this screening policy unless they implement their own and override it on their office profile.


The Method determines how the expiration is calculated.

Fixed period from issue date

This option will make the CRC/VSC expire on the day it was issued in the number of years you choose from the Frequency drop-down list.


Fixed day from issue year

Here, you must specify a day of the year, such as April 30th, that the CRC/VSC will expire. It will expire on that day in the number of years you chose after the CRC's Issue YEAR.


*Remember to click Save at the bottom of the page after you make any changes to ensure your changes are configured and updated appropriately.