A CRC/VSC obtained anywhere (in any office) is valid anywhere in Canada regardless of the Office on the participant's CRC. The office of the CRC record does not matter in determining the validity of that CRC. The CRC record on a participant profile moves with the participant and its validity is determined by the screening policy of the participant's hockey organization or the office requiring CRCs.

Different hockey organizations will have different screening policies for CRCs. For example, in BC Hockey, they might require a CRC every 3 years while in Hockey Alberta, they might require them every 2 years. So it is possible for a participant with a CRC to be expired in one hockey organization, but be valid in another.

The participant's CRC/VSC/Declaration expiration depends on the screening policy of the office asking for a valid CRC which might be independent of the participant's office(s). For example, if a participant in Hockey Quebec were attempting to sign up to a clinic hosted in Hockey Eastern Ontario, the screening policy for Hockey Eastern Ontario (the clinic's office) would take effect. Although the participant might still be valid in Hockey Quebec, they might not be in Hockey Eastern Ontario or vice versa. The same applies for teams. The screening policy is determined by the team's office regardless of the participant's primary or shared office(s).