How to share a participant across branches

As you know, a participant share across branches cannot be completed automatically with a regular HCR IBT (Interbranch Transfer) and requires the intervention of the Helpdesk to share that participant in the HCR.


The following procedures have been put in place to ensure that:

  • a share is done correctly with approval from both branches
  • a proper record of that movement/share is created and available in the HCR

Here are the procedures to follow: 

  1. The association or branch requests a regular IBT in the HCR
  2. A "Note" is added to the transfer by either branch to request the share with at least the following info:
    • which association should be the share
    • which association should be primary
  3. IBT is approved and completed like a regular transfer, but with a "Note" by the branch that indicates their agreement with that share. This "Note" indicating the branch's agreement ensures that both branches are aware of the share (that it's not just another regular IBT being approved) and are okay with it, and ensures there is a record of that agreement in the HCR.
  4. Once the transfer is approved and completed, the branch sends an email to the Helpdesk requesting that the share be completed. This email must include the following info:
    • the participant/transfer in question (a link to a participant profile or a transfer can be provided)
    • which association should be the share
    • which association should be primary
  5. Helpdesk will make the changes to the participant's associations only if:
    • either branch makes the request (not association)
    • the IBT has a Note with share details entered by either branch
    • the IBT is already approved
  6. Helpdesk will reply to the email and include both branches



If you have any questions or concerns with this process, please feel free to submit a ticket.