Managing and accessing your Transfers can be done under the "Participants" menu:

Transfers Requiring Action from You

The “Transfers requiring action from you” menu item is where you can see a listing of all Transfers for which you need to take an action, such as "Review", "Reject", or "Approve". This means that the transfer is at a stage that is waiting for you to take an action.

Searching for Transfers

You can click on either “Search Interbranch Transfer” or “Search Association Transfer” in the "Participants" menu to open the corresponding search page.

The search transfers page allows you to search for a transfer using a specific participant’s hockey ID, name or by specifying the office, status, transfer type, season or the start and end dates.  Click on the “Open” link at the far right of the search result to open the transfer. This will allow you to view the transfer, take actions on the transfer, etc.

Viewing a Transfer

At the bottom of the Transfer View page, you will notice the “Process Steps” section. This table gives you the list of steps required to complete the transfer.

The Transfer Process steps that can be taken are:

  • Review (Approval of transfer, but not the final approval)
  • Approve (Final approval of Transfer - closes the Transfer, and moves the participant)
  • Reject (Rejects the Transfer – closes the Transfer, and does NOT move the participant)

When the specified action has been taken, the action shows under the “Action” column, the HCR username that took the action shows under the “User” column, and the date the action was taken shows under the “Date” column.

In the example below, you can see that the first step, “Review” (indicated by the “Type” column), was taken by the “Hockey Newfoundland and Labrador” since the Action, User, and Date columns are filled in. In this example, we are waiting for “Hockey Eastern Ontario” to take action, approving the transfer to move the participant.


As you may have also noticed any actions (adding a note, reviewing, approving or rejecting) will show up under Transfer Details.

Adding a Note to a Transfer

You can also communicate information to all users involved in the transfer process by adding a “Note” to the transfer. You can add a note at the same time that you review or approve by typing in your message in the textbox under the “Transfer Details” section and then clicking on “Review”, “Approve”, or "Reject".

You can also just add a note without taking a specific action on the transfer. Simply type in your message and click the “Add Note” button to add it to the transfer. This will add a new “Transfer Detail” under the “Transfer Details” section AND will send an email notice to all transfer process users to notify them of the change on the transfer.

Attaching/Uploading a Document to a Transfer

You may need to attach a document to a transfer, such as a proof of residency, depending on your branch's requirements.  The transfer must already be submitted before you can upload a document to it.


You can upload a file to a transfer in the "Attachment" section of the transfer. Simply click on "Browse" to find the file on your computer that you want to upload and then click on "Upload".

Working through Multiple Transfers

If you want to keep working on Transfers and not have to always go back to the search page to search for and open a Transfer, you can use the Navigation Options (radio buttons) above the action buttons.

Select the Navigation Option you want to use BEFORE you take an action on the Transfer. For example, if you want to go through all of the Transfers that are open (require action), select the “Go to Next Open” radio button and then take your action on the Transfer (Review, Approve, Reject, Add Note). Your action is carried through and the next open Transfer is opened.