Who Starts/Initiates/Requests the Transfer?

The transfer is ALWAYS initiated by the new association, regardless of the type of transfer.  In other words, the new association to which the participant is “moving” will initiate the transfer process. It cannot be done otherwise.

How to Initiate a Transfer

To request the transfer of a participant to your association, click on “Participants” at the top left of the HCR to access the participants menu, and click on “Request Participant Transfer” under "Tasks" in the menu.

To initiate a transfer, you MUST know the participant’s full name and date of birth (or just their Hockey ID) before you start. You cannot initiate a transfer with partial information. The HCR requires this information to correctly find the participant in the database.

Initiating a Transfer – Step 1

You can initiate a transfer in one of two ways:

  • With a Hockey ID
  • With a first/last name and date of birth

Enter either information you have in the appropriate textbox(es), select the Office (Association), and click on the “Find Participant” button. If nothing is supplied you will get an error message.

Unlike the Participant Search, you cannot do a “partial search”. You must type in the name in full. The information you provide MUST match EXACTLY as it is in the database.

If you have access to more than one association, don’t forget to select the Office (Association) to which the participant is transferring!

Initiating a Transfer – Participant is Not Found!

If the HCR did not find the participant, try again by hitting the back button on your browser to return to the first screen.

  • Try alternate spellings of the name, like nicknames, etc. Reparticipant that the info must match exactly as you typed it in.
  • Try alternating the month and day of the participant’s birthday, if possible, since many birthdays are incorrect due to data entry errors.
  • Try the birthday 1900-01-01 as many participants that came from different systems did not have date of births. Many coaches have the DOB 1900-01-01.
  • It is possible that the participant has a different last name in the HCR, like a mother’s maiden name for example.

If the HCR still cannot find the participant and you’ve tried all possible options you can think of, DON’T CREATE A NEW PARTICIPANT IF THE PARTICIPANT SHOULD ALREADY BE IN THE DATABASE! Contact the Helpdesk and they will help find the participant for you.

Initiating a Transfer – Step 2

When the participant’s record is found, the screen shown will appear.

If multiple results are found, a list will appear for you to choose which participant profile you want to transfer.

Click on the “Transfer this Participant” button to continue to the next step.


Initiating a Transfer – Participant Already in a Transfer

It is possible that the participant is already in a transfer. If so, the HCR will tell you, and you will not be able to move on until existing transfer is completed.

Initiating a Transfer – Step 3

If the participant is not already in a transfer, the HCR will show their information again and ask to you create the transfer.

The button to create the transfer will either say “Create association transfer” or “Create IBT transfer” depending on the type of transfer.

Initiating a Transfer – Step 4

For the last step, fill in the information for the transfer in the form presented. You do not need to fill in every detail of the transfer (Paragraph, under appeal, etc). Only fill in what is required by your Branch for this transfer.

Both IATs and IBTs will show almost the same form. The difference is in the Offices shown. In an IBT, you will see New Branch and Old Branch while in an IAT, the emphasis is on the old and new association.

Click on “Create Transfer” if you are done.  Once the final “Create Transfer” button has been clicked, you will be brought to the main “Transfer View” page.

The Transfer View page shows you the same information as the steps you went through to initiate it, but also includes the “Process Steps” section, which shows you the approval steps required to complete the transfer.

What Happens After the Transfer Is Initiated?

When you clicked the “Create Transfer” button, a transfer notice was emailed out to the first user(s) that need(s) to take action. The email contains a link to the same Transfer View page.

In the example IBT in the image below, an email was sent out to whoever approves IBTs in the “Hockey Newfoundland and Labrador” provincial branch. They will in turn click on the link to the Transfer View page for that participant, check to make sure everything is in order, and click on “Review” to approve the transfer. When they've taken their action, another email is sent out to the next “Office” to approve, "Hockey Eastern Ontario", in this example. They will in turn do the same process to give final approval on the transfer.  

Once all process steps are taken, the participant will be available to the new association, as long as the transfer was approved and not rejected.