It is not uncommon to run into duplicate profiles for one participant. These duplicates happen when there are data entry errors such as:

  • name misspellings
  • reversing the day and month in the participant’s date of birth
  • using a nickname instead of the participant’s full first name 

The HCR provides you with the capability of merging these duplicate records depending on your access rights.

To merge two Participant Profiles together, you must first open the Participant Profile of the participant that you wish to be the Primary record. In other words, if you have one profile that is more recent than the other (addresses, contacts, etc. are up-to-date), you would open that one first. If you have a profile with a Hockey ID you would like to keep, you would open that one first since the merge will discard the Secondary profile’s Hockey ID.

With the Primary profile open, click on the Menu button, then “Merge this Participant”.

This will open up another page that allows you to perform a Participant Search for the Secondary profile. 

At the top of this page, you will notice 2 columns: Primary Participant and Secondary Participant. These two columns define which Participant Profiles you will be merging. The Primary Participant column will already contain the Primary Participant record.

The First Name and Last Name boxes will automatically be filled. You may need to change the name(s) in these textboxes to reflect the duplicate participant’s name if it is different than the Primary one before you click search. For example, one profile may have the name Michael and the other Mike.

Adjust the name of the participant appropriately to be able to find the second profile. You can use the Advanced Search option to further refine your Search, if you need to. 

Click the Search button.

If only one matching record is found, it is automatically added as the Secondary Participant and it will not show you results.

In your search results, click on the Secondary Participant that is a duplicate of the Primary. This will add the participant to the “Secondary Participant” column and show you the “Merge Participants” button:

When you click on the “Merge Participants” button, the Secondary Participant is merged within the Primary Participant. Therefore, if you do not want to copy the Secondary Participant’s address information, contact information, and tracking items, then check off the appropriate checkboxes under the Merge Participants button to NOT copy that information into the newly merged Profile.

When you are ready and you are absolutely sure that the duplicate profiles are of the same person, click the “Merge Participants” button. The records are merged and the HCR brings you to the participant’s Profile page. You may need to clean up the new profile by deleting any duplicate or redundant information.