The Advanced Search will give you more options or “filters” which allow you to filter or refine your search results.  To access the advanced options, click on the “Advanced Search” link under the Quick Participant Search box.  

This will open a new search page with all the available filters.

You have 3 filter groups at your disposal.

Office Filter Group

This filter group allows you to select the Branch, Region, District, and Association that you want to search within.  If you are a user at a level higher than the Association level, you can specify that you want to see results of all participants in Associations within an entire Region or within an entire District. Simply select the “All” option in either drop-down menus to tell it to search all Associations within that Office level. The results you are shown are also based on what your level of access permits you to see. If you are an MHA for example and you do something similar to the below figure, you will still only be shown participants in your association.

The example above tells the search to search ALL Districts and their associations within the “Hockey Canada Training North Side” Region.

Date of Birth Filter Group

The “Date of Birth” filter allows you to search for a participant or participants with a certain birth date or that fall within a range of birth dates.

To search for a participant or participants with a specific birthday, select the first radio button name “Date of Birth”.  Specify the date of birth in the first textbox in the format specified above the textbox. The second date of birth textbox is ignored when searching by a specific date and is only used with the "Range" option.

Remember that the Date Format shown depends on your User Options.

To search within a range of dates, select the “Range” radio button and type in the beginning date in the first Date of Birth textbox and the ending date in the “To” Date of Birth textbox.

It is common for errors to occur within a participant’s date of birth. For example, if the participant’s date of birth is April 3, 1998 or 1998-04-03 the person who entered the date on their profile may have mistakenly typed in 1998-03-04 (March 4, 1998). If you cannot find the participant(s) with the specified date, try alternating the month and day if possible.

T.O.R. Filter (Team, Official, Pre-Registered) Group

The T.O.R. filter allows you to tell the search to only give you results of participant that, for the selected Season, are:
  • on a Team or not on a Team
  • Officials or not Officials
  • Pre-Registered or not Pre-Registered

Each T.O.R. filter is on its own line.

The Season selection, “Filter by Division” checkbox, and Division drop-down menu apply to ALL lines (T.O.R. filter).

For example, if you want the search to only give you participants that are on a team in the season selected, you would click the “On a Team” checkbox and select the season in which the participants would be on a team from the ”In Season” list. You would then keep the Hockey ID, First and Last name textboxes at the top of the page blank and hit the Search button. Your search results will only show you participants that are on a team for the selected season.

You can also combine TOR filters. A very common search filter is to find all participants that are Pre-Registered, but are NOT yet on a team. You would then specify your filters as shown in the figure below.

You can further refine your search by specifying a Division by checking off the “Filter by Division” checkbox and selecting the Division in the Division drop-down menu.

Please note that you must put a checkmark next to the “Filter by Division” checkbox to filter by Division; otherwise the Division is ignored.