When adding a participant to a team, if you click the “Add” button and you get an error message saying that the participant is already on a team and has not yet been released, it is because a participant cannot be a part of more than one regular team, and must be released. Please see the Releasing Participants from a Team solution for more information.

If you are attempting to affiliate a participant, you are seeing this error because the Team’s League settings are not allowing affiliates and it would need to be changed. Please see the Adding an Affiliate Participant to a Team solution for more information.

If your Branch has not locked the League settings and you have access rights to modify Leagues, you can change this Affiliate option by clicking on “View League” in the Team Profile's menu. This will open the team’s League page. Click on the “Edit” button next to the General Section to go into Edit mode, change the Card Option to “Affiliated” and click Save at the bottom of the page. You can then go back and add the participant to the team as an affiliate.

If you do not see any Edit buttons, your Branch has locked the settings or you do not have access and you will need to contact them to change the Card Option to “Affiliated”. Helpdesk cannot change this for you.