Every season, you will need to add participants to that season’s Team Profile. Remember that a team is season-specific. A team will have a Team Profile for EACH season. Therefore, even though you may have added all the same participants to the team in the previous season, you will need to add them all again to the new season team.

To add a participant to a team, you need to click on the “Roster” tab from the left menu then “Add” or "Add (Legacy Method)" beside the “Team Roster” header.

In this walkthrough, we will be using the “Add”. You will be brought to the next page: the “Add Team Participants” page, as shown below.

This page allows you to search for the participants you want to add to the team. This search works in the same way as the regular Participant Search in the Participants area of the HCR. The only difference being the addition of another search field (“Team (Season: 2016)”), explained below.

Adding Participants from the Previous Season's Team

In the example in the screenshots, we are on a 2017 team. The "Team (Season: 2016)" field would allow you to type in a team ID or name from the 2016 season. After a few seconds, results will appear in a dropdown. Selecting a team from the results and clicking Search would give you a list of participants on that team in 2016 only from which you can select and add to the current 2017 team. If you were on a 2018 team, then that field would read "Team (Season: 2017)".

Searching for Participants

Below the “Search Available Players” section, you’ll notice a link named "Show/Hide Current Roster". This will show you participants that are already on the team as a reference so that you do not needlessly search for a participant that is already on the roster.

*If you try to do a search for a participant that is already on the team, you will not get any results.

Like a regular Participant Search, you can search for a participant by Hockey ID, by First and Last name, or with the Advanced Participant Search. This advanced search is where you can specify to search for your preregistered participants.

Search Available Players - Search Results

Your search results will look different than your regular Participant Search. It is designed so that you can add one player at a time or multiple players at a time. We’ll get into more details about this, but first, let’s look at the results.

Selecting Participants to Add to the Team

From your Search Results, put a checkmark beside each participant that you want to add to the team, define the Position and Jersey # (optional), and then click on the “Add Selected Participants” button below the search results, as shown below. 

When you click the “Add Selected Participants” link, it will add all the participants to a list. The participants are NOT yet on the team. This is to allow you to keep searching, perhaps with different criteria, and add more participants to this list.

If you need to remove anyone from this list, you can do so by clicking on "Remove" on the right side or by selecting multiple with the checkbox and clicking on “Remove Selected” at the top of that column.

Once you've finished putting participants in the list, click on Continue.

Review Team Registrations

This is the final step before the participants are added to the roster. On this page, all appropriate rules defined by the system or your branch are processed for each participant. Your participants will be colour-coded so you can easily identify issues.  A legend also shows explaining each colour. 


*Until every player on this page is green you won’t be able to add any of them to your team. As you can see below we have an example of each colour.

To know why a particular participant cannot be added to the team, you simply need to hover over the Message icon on the right side of the page. A popup will explain the reason.


Warnings are in yellow. This means that there’s an issue but it only needs to be acknowledged by clicking on the Acknowledge link. Warnings can arise from:

  • A player being too young/old for the team (but it is not enforced)
  • The team having reached its maximum allotment count (but it is not enforced)
  • etc.

Once you’ve clicked on Acknowledge a window should popup showing a list of participants. Simply click on those you wish to resolve and click on Acknowledge at the bottom.


Issues are orange. These indicate that something on this player's registration needs to be changed that can’t simply be acknowledged. In this example, the participant is already registered on another team and because this team doesn’t allow multiple regular registrations he will need to either be released from his other team, removed from this list or affiliated with this team. Let’s try and affiliate him by clicking on the Edit button.

A window should now pop up showing participant’s Team Registration. From there we can click on the checkbox for Affiliate, then select the team and finally click on the Save button. The participant should now be listed as green.

The participant should now be listed as green.

Other examples of Issues are:

  • Tracking item is missing
  • Qualification is missing
  • Duplicate Jersey Numbers

Some of these may require you to click on Fix instead of Edit.


Exceptions are in red. This means that there’s an issue that cannot be resolved by either acknowledgement or editing the participant’s team registration. The only option is to remove him from this list until the outstanding issue has been resolved outside of the Team Add. Examples of these include participants that are too young or too old for the team and it is an enforced rule.

All the participants should now be green and we can now add the participants to the team.