The “Roster” tab is where all of the team participants can be seen and added, including coaches, managers, etc. 

This section also includes a listing of participant totals under the Registration Summary section.

Each participant on the team occupies a single line on the roster. You can click the “Open” button at the far right of the participant’s record to open their Team Registration page, which defines the details of their registration to that team.

You can also click on either of the two “Add” buttons besides the heading to add a participant to the team.

Finally, you can click on the magnifying glass icon to the left of the participant’s name in order to see a small preview screen for the participant’s registration.

For each participant on the team, you see the participant’s name, jersey #, registration date, release date (if applicable), birth date, and status on the team, etc.

The jersey number can be changed by simply by typing in a new number in the Jersey # textbox. If the number is invalid, the textbox will turn red and a message will appear explaining the reason the number is invalid.

If the number is valid a green checkmark will appear instead.

Changing a jersey number this way will not change the status of your team from Approved to Pending.