When we say “Create a New Team”, we mean creating a Team Profile for a brand new team that hasn't existed in the past.  “Creating a Team” does not mean “adding participants to a team”. It means to create a brand new, blank Team Profile. If you’re looking to add participants to a team, see the Adding Participants to a Team solution. If the team existed last season, its Team Profile will already be created and available for the new season. At the beginning of every season, all existing teams and leagues are automatically created in the new season. You usually never have to create a team unless it’s a brand new team.

Click on the “Teams” in the HCR menu, then on “Create a New Team” to start the team creation process. 

*If you do not have the "Create a New Team" link, it means you will need to contact your Branch/governing body as only they can create new teams for you.

League Selection

The first step in creating your brand new team is selecting the League to which it will belong. Remember that the League determines the Division and Season of the team, so it is important to select the correct League.

*If the League to which the team should belong does not exist, you will need to create that League before you can create a new team. To create a new League, see solution Creating or Editing a League.

It is recommended that you DO NOT enter a League name in the “League” textbox when searching for a League.  You should first select the Division to which the team should belong from the “Division” drop-down menu to narrow down your search results. Then, click on the “Search” button to see a list of Leagues that match the chosen Division, as shown below.

When you see the correct League, click on it to select it as the new team’s League.

Team Create

The next screen will allow you to enter all of the Team's main information.

*Although the address is required, if your team does not really have a physical address, you can simply type in dashes (-) in all the boxes to be able to proceed to the next step. If you leave them blank, you will not be able to proceed to the next step. Red asterisks will appear beside the textbox if you have left it blank and you click on to the next step.

If you need to add more addresses, you can do so later once the team has been created.