As a security feature, the HCR keeps track of invalid or failed login attempts. If the total reaches 5 invalid or failed attempts, that user will be locked out of the HCR and will not be able to login again until their account is unlocked.

If invalid login attempts occur, an error message will appear. You are not locked out yet! It is only a warning message.

Locked out Message

If the limit of invalid or failed login attempts reaches 5 OR your account was manually locked out by your Branch for administrative purposes, you will see the message shown below.

If you become locked out, simply contact the Helpdesk or your Branch/governing body and provide them with your username. Once your account has been unlocked, you will need to provide the correct username and password combination on your first login attempt. If you do not succeed at logging in on your first try, your account will be immediately locked out again.

Make sure you provide the Helpdesk with your HCR account username only. They need to know what HCR Account username to unlock. Do not provide them with your password.

If you were locked out due to 5 invalid login attempts, Helpdesk will unlock your account.

In the case that your HCR account was locked out by the Branch / Provincial Governing Body, the HCR Helpdesk will direct you to contact your Branch. Contact information for each branch can be requested from the HCR Helpdesk if needed.

Password Recovery Feature

You can retrieve your password by using the HCR’s Password Recovery feature shown below. Enter your HCR account username in the appropriate field and the system will forward the password to the email address configured on that account. Click on the “Forgot Your Password?” link located below the login fields as shown below.

Enter the HCR account username in the appropriate field as shown here, then click "Submit."

After clicking on the “Submit” button with the HCR account username entered, an E-mail is sent out to the E-mail address specified in the HCR user’s account settings. This is confirmed with the following message: