A username and password combination is required to login and use the HCR. The HCR is a website and is available anywhere you have a Internet browser and internet.

To obtain an HCR account, you must contact your branch (governing body) to request a login.

User Access and Roles

HCR accounts are assigned to one or more “Offices” with various roles that may or may not be configured, based on the user requirements of that HCR user. A role gives access permissions to specific features that the HCR offers.

Each role can be either “Read-Only” or “Write”.

If an HCR user needs a participant which exists outside of their access rights, or jurisdiction, they would need to initiate a Participant Transfer. See the Participant Transfers section for more information.

If an account is given roles at a higher level, at the District level for example, that role will apply to all MHA Offices under it. Again, if an account is given roles at a Regional level, then the HCR user would have access to all Districts under it. Finally, an HCR user account at the Branch level would give access to all Regions, Districts and Associations under that Branch.

Accessing the HCR and Logging In

The Hockey Canada Registry (HCR) website is located at the following URL:


When you access the HCR welcome page, you are presented with the following login prompt:

Simply enter your username and password in the appropriate fields and click on the “Log in – Démarrer” button.

*PaSSworDs aRe CAse SeNSitiVE

Remembering Passwords and the Autocomplete Feature

When you click on the Login button, your browser may ask you if you want to remember the password you just entered. Do not confuse this with the “Remember Me” option! That option will be explained in the next section.

In this example, we use the Windows Internet Explorer browser. If you click on Yes in the dialog box, your browser will store the information you entered on your computer whether or not the password you entered is correct.

This is not an HCR feature and is out of our control. It is a browser-specific feature where you don’t have to type in the password every time you type in that specific username. This is done for all websites, depending on your browser's settings.

If an incorrect password is entered and saved, every time you go back to HCR and enter that username, the password field is automatically filled out with the invalid password you saved and you will have an invalid login attempt.

"Remember Me" Option

The “Remember Me” option on the login screen is an HCR feature that securely stores your login information in a "cookie" file on your computer. The next time you visit the HCR, the HCR checks to see if your computer has that cookie file and uses it to automatically log you in.

If you told the HCR website to “remember you” and then you change your password, the cookie file is no longer valid and the HCR website will not “remember you” until you login with the new password and check off the “Remember Me” option again.