Once they've added all the participants they would like to register in their cart, they'll click the checkout button to process their payment.

They will then be brought to the following screen where the system checks that the cart is valid. If there's anything that requires the user's attention they will be informed with a red box for each participant registering. Included in these will also be instructions on what to do to correct it: whether that means starting over, modifying the current registration or contacting the association.

Here's a list of what we check for on this page:
  • Online Registration for the office is still open
  • The package still exists
  • The package is activated
  • The package falls within its availability dates
  • The package is not full
  • The questionnaire is still valid when the package has changed to:
    • a different questionnaire
    • a new version of a questionnaire (modifications were done to questions, settings)
  • The questionnaire rules are respected
  • The registration is in the correct season and office
  • Personal information has been gathered
  • Fees have been selected/added
  • Participant credits have been properly applied
  • Deny new participants setting is respected

Once everything is correct (or if it was correct in the first place) the box will be green and they will be able to click Checkout to proceed to the next step.

The next page they are brought will check for any fee adjustments. These refer to fee triggers that you have setup on your packages (3rd, 4th child discounts for example). The reason we check for this at this stage is that things could have changed since you were on the validation page so this is the last time that the grand total will change.

If you don't have any fee triggers setup or the user selects packages that don't trigger these fees then they are sent to the next page and won't see this one at all.

This brings us to the next page which provides them the payment options available to them.

If they choose Credit Card and you have configured Payment Schedules for the selected package(s), 
they will be provided with a screen to choose the Payment Schedule they desire for each participant in their cart before they are redirected to your credit card payment provider's website to process their payment.

If they choose payment methods other than Credit Card, a payment of $0.00 will be logged on the participant's Order along with its payment method. This tells you what type of payment you are expecting from the parent/user. 

Once they've successfully completed the payment process, the registration will be complete. If you have configured the selected packages with messages and/or file attachments, it will appear on the page for them to read/download.

It is important to note that even though a registration has not been paid or not paid in full yet, they are still considered as preregistered with your association in the HCR. They will have a Preregistration Record and their Order will show a balance owing. They will also appear in your Preregistration Report.