To register a participant, they would click on any "Register a participant" button. They will be brought to the "Participant Selection" screen.

They can either:

  • Register someone they've registered previously with their account by clicking on "Register" to the right of the name of the person they would like to register under "Previous Registrations". If the "Previous Registrations" section does not appear, then they have not registered anyone in the past with this user account.
  • Register a new person under the "Register a New Participant" section by entering in the participant's required information and then clicking on "Register". A "new" participant in this case does not necessarily mean that it is a brand new participant that has never been involved in hockey. It solely refers to the user not having registered them previously with this user account.

If the participant being registered exists in a different association than your association, the register buttons will show "Unavailable". The user will then be required to contact you. The participant in question would need to be transferred to your association before that participant can be registered online in your association.

If the participant does not exist in the HCR and you do not deny new participants, a new participant profile will be created upon successful registration. 

If the participant does not exist in the HCR and you deny new participants, the user will be prompted to contact you. 

Registration Type Selection

The next step is to choose the registration type. Only registration types for which you have packages configured will appear. See Package Types.

Division Selection

Once you've clicked Next, you are given the option to select the division in which the participant will be registered. Only divisions for  which packages have been configured will appear. If you have configured the "Limit Division to Age" option, only divisions in which the participant's age falls will appear.

Package Selection

Click Next again and you can now choose the registration Package. Only Packages that have been configured in the selected division will appear. The name of the Package and its Description will appear to facilitate the user's decision.

Participant's Personal Information

On the next screen they will be prompted to enter the participant's personal information such as addresses, contact information, emergency contact information and the position they'd like to play in.


Once filled in they can proceed to the next page where you'll be asked to answer the Questions from your Questionnaire (if you've configured your package one; if you didn't you will skip to the next screen). Questions that are mandatory will be marked with a red asterisks and the user will need to answer them before proceeding to the end.

HCR Waivers

Once the Questionnaire has been answered, the parent/guardian will arrive at the HCR Waivers page. Here, they will see all waivers that may be configured, starting with Hockey Canada's, your member branch's, the region's, the district's, and your association's. Once the parent/guardian has taken action on the waiver(s) by checking or un-checking the boxes, they may then proceed to the final steps of Online Registration, or add new participants.


You should now be brought to the Fees page which will show you the fees configured for the selected Package according to their Fee Filter settings. If any optional fees are configured, this is where the user will choose to pay for them. Keep in mind that fees configured with Fee Triggers or Participant Credits will only be applied when the parent/guardian makes payment. During this step, the adjustments will be applied with the fees before any payments are made.

Credits that may apply for this participant will only appear during the checkout process. At that time, adjustments will be made to their fees before the final checkout process.


The last step before the checkout is to review all of the information that was entered.

If they’re registering more than one person they can click on "Add to Cart" to add that registration to their shopping cart. They can then choose to register more participants.

Items in the shopping cart can be changed or removed by clicking on the edit, delete or view buttons as indicated in the image below. Registrations in a shopping cart will remain there until checkout even if they log out and come back later.

Note: Participants are not registered until the user goes through the checkout process successfully.