You can setup staggered payments by creating what is called "Payment Schedules" within your main Online Registration Administration page for your organization. Once a payment schedule has been created, you can configure a registration package to use one or more payment schedules. If a registration package has been configured to use more than one schedule, the Online Registration user will be able to choose which schedule they prefer.

Creating Payment Schedules

  1. In the HCR, click on [Admin] > [Online Registration Administration] and click on the association name for which you would like to configure payment schedules.
  2. Scroll down the page to the section called "Payment Schedules", which is just below the "Payment Options" section, and click on "Add". A new dialog appears.
  3. Enter a name for your schedule in the Schedule Name textbox. For example, you could name it "Monthly Payments" or whatever else you choose. This name is solely for your use and it will NOT appear to parents on the Online Registration website.
  4. Enter an availability date range. This date range specifies when the Payment Schedule will be available as an option to the user. These are NOT the payment dates. If the user  chooses a Package that is configured with this schedule and the current date falls outside of the Availability date range, it will NOT appear to the user as a selection. The schedule availability date range must occur BEFORE all payment dates.
  5. Enter an initial payment amount in the "Initial Payment" textbox. The amount you enter here must be paid by the Online Registration user immediately upon checkout. For example, if the user's total is $1000.00 and you want to force them to pay $200.00 immediately, you would enter $200.00. The remaining $800.00 will be paid off by the post-dated payments and split equally among those scheduled payments.

  6. To specify the payment dates for this schedule, you simply select a date using the handy calendar that pops up when you select the payment date box and then click on "Add Payment Date". You can add one or more payment dates. If you attempt to select a date that falls within the schedule's availability date range, the "Add Payment Date" will remain disabled until you select a valid date
  7. Alternatively, if you attempt to change the Availability date period and a Payment Date falls within that period, you will not be able to save your Payment Schedule


  8. Once all your fields are entered and your Payment Dates have been entered, click the "Save" button.

You are done! You can create as many schedules as you wish.