A single package can be set to respect a limit per division (see "Setting Package Limits"). But what if you need multiple packages to respect one limit so that the total registrations across those packages never exceeds that one limit? This is where Multi-Package Limits will help.  

A Multi-Package Limit is an optional feature that allows you to set one limit shared by multiple registration packages. In other words, the sum of registrations combined across those packages will never exceed the one Multi-Package Limit.

For example, let's say that your association can only accept a maximum of 10 Atom goaltenders in total. Because your fees are different for participants that have equipment versus those who don't in  

this example, you have to create at least 2 separate Packages to support the difference in fees:

  1. Atom Goaltenders with Equipment: the fees are $100.00 with a limit of 10  
  2. Atom Goaltenders without Equipment: the fees are $175.00 with a limit of 10  

Each package could be configured with a limit of 10 on the Atom division as described above, but then you could potentially reach a total of 20 goaltender registrations between the two packages. You could not configure each with a limit of 5 as to not exceed 10 because you don't know how many have equipment versus those who don't; you don't know what package they will choose. What if 6 people don't have equipment and 4 do? You need those 2 Packages combined to never exceed 10 registrations. This is where a Multi-Package Limit addresses this type of scenario.

See this article to learn how to configure Multi-Package Limits.