Before you can specify the costs associated with a Package, you first need to define your fees so that you can then configure Packages to use these fees. The fees you create are templates that can be re-used in Packages and Orders.

Click on "Orders", and then click on "Fees (for Orders & Packages)" under the "Admin" section of the menu.

You will be brought to the "Fees" listing page. If you’ve already set up fees from previous seasons, those fees will still be listed and still be available for use in the current season. Click Search and then on any Fee name to edit that fee. If you change the name or amount of an existing fee here, it will NOT change the name or amount of the fees already applied to Orders.  

To create a new fee, click on "Add Fees".  

Fill in the Fee information. Both the English and French fields are required.

Child Fitness Tax Credit

The "Fee Type" identifies if the fee is applicable for the Children Fitness Tax Credit for income tax purposes.  Only fees paid for registration into hockey are admissible for income tax purposes so ensure you only specify fees paid for registering into the sport as eligible for the credit.  Fees paid for a jacket/jersey, for example, are not eligible for the Fitness Tax Credit as it is not a fee paid to register for hockey.

Likewise, if you have implemented discounts (fees that are negative) for registration costs, such as 2nd child discounts, make sure your discounts (negative fees) are also set to be eligible for tax credit since they are applied against the cost of hockey registration.

Once a fee is created, it is available for use in Orders and Packages.