The "Package Availability" section allows you to specify the dates that a Package will be available as a selection to parents using Online Registration.

*Package availability will not restrict an HCR user from selecting a package to link when manually registering a participant outside of Online Registration.

This is useful for Early Bird registrations, for example, where you have one set of Packages with special fees for early registrations. You can set these Early Bird packages to be available only during a certain date range. You would then have another set of Packages configured after this date range. You can also use this for late registrations. The Package is only available as a selection within the date range.

Both days are inclusive, meaning that the Package IS available on that date. For example, if today's date is August 21 and you have a Package that has an End Date of February 21, the Package will be available until 11:59pm MT that night. Similarly for the Start Date, if it's set to June 5th, the package will be available that morning starting at 12:00am MT.