Creating/Editing a Credit

To create a new credit or modify an existing one first click on the Orders icon, the select Credits.

Once there you can either click Open beside the credit you wish to modify or click Create a New Credit to proceed.

If you click Open, you will then be brought to a page where you can select and enter all the information for the credit:

  1. Office selection:  The credit will only apply if the participant registers in the Office specified here.
  2. Credit Type
    • Indefinite: Credit will be applied in any season.
    • Seasonal: Credit will be applied if the participant registers within the season selected (item #3 below)
  3. Season:  When Credit Type is set to "Seasonal", the credit will only apply to the participant if they are registering in the season specified here.  If Credit Type is "Indefinite", the season is configured as the current season, but is ignored so it can apply in any season.
  4. Credit Application
    • Apply to Next Registration: Apply this credit to the participant's next pre-registration, regardless if they are already pre-registered or not in the same association.
    • Apply ONLY to First Registration:  Credit will be applied only if the participant is NOT already preregistered in the same association and season and this is their first pre-registration.
    • Apply ONLY to Second Registration:  Credit will only be applied if the participant is already preregistered ONCE in the same association and season.
    • Apply ONLY to Third Registration:  Credit will only be applied if the participant is already preregistered TWICE in the same association and season.
    • ...and so on.
  5. Credit Name: Name for the credit. English and French names are required.  This name will appear on the Order as a Fee.
  6. Credit Amount: Amount of the credit. Since a credit will subtract the amount from the Order, you can make this value a negative value so that it will add the amount to the total rather than subtract.  This is useful when they owe money and you want to force them to pay that amount next time they register.

Once you're done press Add and that's it! You can now go to the participant's profile to add the credit if you are ready.

Adding a Credit to Participant's Profile

To add a credit go to the participant's profile, click on the Transactions tab and click on Add beside the Credits header.

From this page you can select the credit you wish to add to the participant.