The HCR has a number of reports to help manage your registrations. To view the reports, click on the Reports button at the top of the pagethen click All Reports if you have not added any Online Registration related reports to your favourites.

The main report for Pre-Registrations is the Pre-Registration report in the Participants sub-section.  This report will give you a list of participants in Excel that have a Pre-Registration record in the selected season and office.  This means that it will include ALL pre-registrations: manual pre-registrations and Online Registrations.  It includes the participant's general information, the Package chosen, the date of the pre-registration, and basic order information.

Additionally, you may select to include the Question and Answers to any Questionnaires that may be attached to the packages each individual participant is registered to.

You also have the "Online Registration Limits" report for you to keep an eye on your registration numbers and limits.

Other reports related to their Orders are also available.

Receipts for Orders that were completed from an Online Registration are always available to the user within the Online Registration website.  They can login at any time to print an official receipt for tax purposes.

Receipts can also be provided by using the "Receipts for Orders" report.  This will generate one PDF file with all the receipts for each Order in the selected Office.  This report is meant for you to print out on paper and mail out the receipts.  This receipt can be used for income tax purposes to claim the Children Fitness Tax credit.

You can also send a mass email of receipts by PDF for all payers in your Office by clicking on Orders > Receipts by Email.