When registering a participant, one of the most important criteria is the hockey division in which the participant will be registering and playing.  All Packages must define the registration division for the pre-registration record that will be added to the participant's profile.

Hockey Canada officially recognizes a pre-determined list of divisions and their age ranges as defined by its hockey rules.  The pre-registration record must fall within one of the recognized divisions as it only supports these divisions.  However, some provinces and organizations have unique divisions that are equivalent or similar to the Hockey Canada divisions, but are not named the same or the age range differs for their specific purposes.

In order to accommodate these differences, the Online Registration system supports the ability to customize your divisions for your needs.  However, your custom divisions must be mapped back to a recognized Hockey Canada division.  The system supports this using what we call "Division Mappings".

Division Mappings

A division mapping means that you are linking (mapping) your custom division to a recognized Hockey Canada division.  For example, if you create a division called "Timbits" and map it to the "Initiation" division, the pre-registration record for anyone who registers in Timbits will show as "Initiation".  All packages will be configured to use your Division Mappings.

How to Map Divisions

Under the Global Division Mappings and Registration Limits section, you will see a list of divisions and their age range already in place.  These are the recognized Hockey Canada divisions and their age range.  You can modify these or add new divisions by clicking on Add at the top of that section.  The Mapped To column indicates to which recognized division your custom division will be mapped.  This will be the division in which the participant's pre-registration record will fall. The custom division name will appear to the parent on your Online Parent Registration website.  They will not see the Mapped to name.


If you would like to specify a division that includes the Class (minor/major) because you have specific limits for each, for example, you can create a mapping called Minor Atom and set its Division to Atom and its Class to Minor, as shown below.

Someone registered in Minor Atom will have a Pre-Registration record on their profile that looks similar to the following:

Open to All Ages

A division with both the Min Age and Max Age set to "0" (zero) means "any age", which means it would apply to everyone.

Global Division Limits

Limits can be set on each of your Global Division Mappings by filling in the "Registration Limit" field.  This will limit the number of registrations you can accept within that entire division.  See "Registration Limits" for more information on how limits are configured and how they work.