Once Hockey Canada’s Helpdesk has activated your Online Registration System, you are ready to access, setup and enable your MHA’s Online Registration System.

To access your MHA’s Online Registration System, log in to the HCR, click on the "Admin" button in the main HCR menu, and click on "Online Registration Administration" menu item in the Admin section:


Then, click on the MHA (Office) name for which you want to configure Online Registration.


You are now presented with the "Online Registration Administration" page.


The first section on the Online Registration Administration page allows you to enable/disable the ability for parents to register their children into hockey by checking/un-checking the "Public Access Active" checkbox. Un-checking the box does not disable the website altogether, simply their ability to register participants into hockey. They will always be able to login to access their account and receipts.

Only turn on the Public Access Active option when you are done configuring everything.

Your Online Registration Web Address Link

The "Public Access Website Address" is the website address (URL) that parents will need to access your association's Online Registration website.  You must copy this address from this page and publicize it on your MHA website or anywhere else. Do not click on the provided link in blue to copy the address from your browser since additional information may be appended to the address once loaded in your browser, which may cause issues if you publicize it with that additional information. Copy the address directly from the Administration section. This address is unique to your association.

Address and Contact Info for Parents

On the right side is your currently configured address and contact info.

This information appears at the top of your Online Registration website, as shown below.

This section can only be configured by the Helpdesk at Hockey Canada. If you need a change to this information please contact the helpdesk with the required info.  This info must include an address and at least one piece of contact information (email address or phone number).